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ALIbike is a set of Method applied to a System that Alfonso Canfora tests the small ALIbike accessory on Sardinian roads in all conditions,

during training, in-line races and time trials from 2013, date of its discovery to today.   


Aerodynamic increase tests


ALIbike is able to transform any bicycle into a time trial bicycle, this is the practical demonstration!

- 3D design -

  The different models and for its two matching faces,
the evolutions of the different 
ALIbike models built in Fiberglass, Carbon fiber and Jute

The fundamental principle on which this small accessory is based is the tilting around the handlebar, making the position more comfortable and performing.

 ''MC Methodology and System ALIbike''

To be more effective they were accompanied by a type of training developed by the inventor himself, based on different factors:

- Intensity and ''shock'' of the rhythm

- Adaptation and duration of effort

- Times of nutrition, hydration, diet and fasting

- Weight and characteristics of the training vehicle

- Continuous aerodynamic positions

- Aerodynamic resistance

- Muscle recovery under stress

- Cardiac threshold and lactic acid

Alfonso Canfora testing ALIbike
and MC Methodology and System

- Articles dedicated to this discovery -

- Article by L'Unione Sarda (Antonio Masala)

- Results
obtained using Alibike -

- Article by La Nuova Sardegna (Enrico Carta)



- Article by ILLA tv


- Sardinian champion for two consecutive years -


- Article by LinkOristano (Marco Enna)

Trademarks and patents associated with the 
ALIbike idea


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